Getting There...

Marina Puesta del Sol is located on the north Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, just south of the Golfo de Fonseca. It is within the province of Chinandega, and the county of El Viejo.

Although Marina Puesta del Sol is located in a fairly remote region of the country, it is easily accessible by automobile and by sea. By car from Managua, travel time is about a two and a half hours along the beautiful Maribios volcano range, and newly improved highways make travel in Nicaragua more comfortable, and safer. Major airlines such as United, Delta and American provide daily service to Managua’s modern, international airport from the U.S.

The resort can also provide safe and reliable shuttle service to and from the airport or the city of Managua for a nominal fee.

By automobile…

  1. From Leon, turn right at the roundabout, “Monumento al Trabajo” in Chinandega
  2. Proceed 2 kilometers, and turn left at the sign “El Viejo Potosi”
  3. At 500 meters, turn right at “Instituto Nacional Autonoma de Chinandega”
  4. Turn right again towards “El Viejo”
  5. Continue past business, “La Virgen, S.A.” on left
  6. Continue past “Texaco” station on right
  7. Continue past “zona franca ARNECON” on left
  8. Turn immediately left onto highway toward “Cosiguina”
  9. Continue past tall statue of Virgin Mary on rightStay on highway for 20 kms.
  10. Turn left at red sign indicating “Marina Puesta del Sol”
  11. Continue on the road for 9 kms.
  12. Signs will indicate direction to arrive at the resort 

By boat…

  • The following waypoints should be entered in your GPS:
    • Waypoint A:  Lat. 12° 35.653’ North; Long. 087° 25.563’ West
    • Waypoint B:  Lat. 12° 36.570’ North; Long. 087° 22.430’ West
    • Waypoint C:  Lat. 12° 36.830 North; Long. 087° 20.930 West
  • Waypoint A is about five miles offshore.  Waypoint B is the location of our entrance buoy.  The entrance buoy is eleven feet high with red and white vertical stripes and has a flashing white light with a 3 mile range. Waypoint C is the location of the green #1 buoy marking the beginning of the navigation channel to the marina.
  • If you are approaching from the northwest, steer a course to Waypoint A that will keep you at least 5 miles offshore. This course avoids several reefs in the vicinity.
  • The approach from the southeast is free of any known hazards and you may steer a course directly for Waypoint B.
  • Distance from Waypoint A to Waypoint B is 3 nm on a course of 072° True.
  • Distance from Waypoint B to Waypoint C is about 2 nm on the same course of 072° True.
  • Once in the channel of El Estero de Aserradores, follow the buoys marking the channel for 1.36nm (2.52 km.) to the marina docks. You will never have less than eight feet of water in the channel even at low tide.
  • VHF Channel 16 will be monitored by an English speaking person during daytime hours.
  • Marina Coordinates: Lat. 12 37'17" North Long. 087 20'30" West